San Diego’s Top 5 Restaurants – Student Experience of Juergen H. – Semester Abroad USA

5. American Breakfast at Great Maple

The great maple in 1451 Washington Street is a perfect place for breakfast. Great Maple has a varied menu and all is high quality food. The typical breakfast is with eggs and bacon, it is really good. The only disadvantage is that the breakfast at this place is expensive, but if you only go once, it is worth it.

4. IN-N-OUT Burger

The second best burger you can eat in San Diego is an IN-N-OUT-Burger. The burger is really good and the price is unbeatably. For only 3.30$ you get a “Double-Double” (double meat/double cheese). There are a few  N-N-OUT-Burger in San Diego, one is at 4375 Kearny Mesa Rd..

image0013. Taco in Tijuana

Although many bars in San Diego say that they have the best tacos, the best tacos you can eat in mexico. The most important ingredient of a toca is in my opinion the tortilla. Selfmade they are much more delicious than the ones you can buy in a grocery. Secondly, the meat or the fish should be fresh and not too dry. This taco I ate in a restaurant at the Playas de Tijuana. Because of the fact, that I ate tacos at three different places in Tijuana, I could say that all of them were very delicious. Also the price is very moderat, you pay between 1$ and 3$ for a taco.

Hodad's Burger

2. Hodad´s

Hodad´s has been making burgers since 1969. They only use great for their burgers burgers like the best bacon, great buns, fresh tomatoes, crispy lettuce and handmade ketchup.

Because hodad´s is that famous, you have to wait until you get a seat. The wait is really long. We came on a Friday around 4pm, waited around 20 minutes and got our seats. I would suggest, not to go there during 11am to 2 pm, because there was always a huge line.But it is worth it. The service and the burger are awesome! At the picture you see a double cheeseburger with bacon. It is the heaviest burger I even hold in my hands. With fries you get this burger for 11.74$. This is actually not only the best burger in San Diego, it is the best burger I ever had in my life. If you still not have enough, their chocolate shakes are also to recommended.

1. Self-made turkey (thanksgiving)

 If you are in the USA on thanks giving, you have to cook your own turkey! There are many receipts on the internet. We decided to stuff our turkey with celery, onions, mushrooms, bread and walnuts. The turkey took six hours in the oven and was delicious.

Turkey Thanksgiving

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