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Study in the US - San Diego SkylineSan Diego is a beautiful city in Southern California that has much to offer for international students in the US. When you study in the US, why not in what is known as “America’s Finest City” with its beautiful beaches, enjoyable weather and international flair. San Diego is the seventh largest city in the US and is home to approximately 2 million people. San Diego is known as a stronghold for technology and biotech companies and many large Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters there. Study in the US and discover the proximity of San Diego to Mexico in the architecture, taste it in the local food and hear it on the streets, see how the Hispanic culture influences everyday life in San Diego. But what international students studying in the US enjoy the most is usually the weather. The climate in San Diego is very enjoyable with spring-like temperatures year round, sunshine and always a nice breeze from the ocean.

Study in the US - Sea WorldSan Diego also offers many attractions and things to do for the time you study in the US. Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to Sea World or the world famous San Diego Zoo, sports fans can either watch the local Baseball (San Diego Padres) or Football (San Diego Chargers) teams or you can get sweaty yourself, whether you enjoy surfing, beach volleyball, soccer, running or riding your beach cruiser on the beach walk from Pacific Beach all the way to the Silverstrand. Or may be you want to explore another country? Mexico is only 20 miles away and you can even take the famous San Diego Trolley right to the border. Other fun day trips while studying in the US include rubbing shoulders with TV and movie stars in Los Angeles, exploring the California Desert and going skiing in Big Bear. San Diego has a lot to offer and is a great place to study in the US for students from all over the world.

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